The Torch will bus from Wilton to the Tinkerbell Service Station, where at 08:45 am the first Torch Holder – a very sprightly 75 year old George Parker – will start his run (and I mean RUN – he’s still running 1/2 marathons!!!).  The flame will then pass to Shirley Moors, Barford’s second Torch Holder, at the assigned “Kiss Point” outside Hill Cottage (see attached map). Shirley will run with the Torch to Barford’s 2nd (and last) “Kiss Point” at the 30 mph sign on the Shaftesbury Rd, where at a nominal 08:53 am the Torch will revert back to the bus and be on its way to the next run in Fovant.  To welcome the Torch through the Village, the Church Bells will be rung, and our very own “Heritage Bunting” will once again be hung out along the route.

  • Marshals will be in place along the route from 07:30 am (each large dot on the attached map indicates a marshals location).
  • From previous experience of similar villages in north Wiltshire, the County Council organizers are expecting crowds to start forming along the route ONE HOUR before the Torch’s scheduled arrival (i.e. 07:45 am);
  • In addition to BSM attendees, expect villages along the B3089 (Dinton, Chilmark, Hindon etc.) to assemble here, generating a potential parking problem. Accordingly, Grovely Rd has been nominated as the official Parking Area, and will be signposted to that effect on the day;
  • About 10 minutes before the arrival of the Torch, a sizeable convoy (in excess of 7 large buses) of sponsors vehicles (Lloyds Bank, CocaCola, Samsung etc) provide a moving road show to get the assembled crowd whipped up and in the mood. Expect lots of freebies to be handed out to the children, and the possibility (remote in our case) of Street Performers;
  • Best viewing is from the LEFT of the procession. This is fortuitous considering where the footpaths are along the route, and the Grass triangle on the corner opposite the Pub – which we’ll reserve for the Nursery School (plus Cubs & Scouts who will also be attending);
  • Licensed Street Traders can be expected;
  • A Camera Bus will be providing live feed of proceedings to You Tube (fame at last!!);
  • Livelihood of Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire (or Deputy) in attendance;
  • Finally, a health warning: although there will be a rolling “road block” accompanying the Torch prior to its arrival, the road will REMAIN OPEN. Therefore DO NOT confuse big gaps in the traffic flow as an indication that the road has been close, but view this as a warning that a rush of cars are about to hit the village, driven by drivers frustrated at being delayed by the Torch Convoy. You have been warned!!!