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Barford St Martin 2012 Village Fete : Minutes of 6th November 2013 Open Meeting

Executive Committee: Vic March Chairman, Jane Kennedy Deputy Chairman, Roy Wilde Treasurer,
Suzy Peart,

Present: Taff Capper-Allen, Judith Capper-Allen, Frank Coombes, Nick Cooper, Tilly Cooper, Bill Fairbairn, Carol Holloway, John Holloway, Colette March, Gordon Pitcher, Jenny Pitcher, Peter Rayworth

Apologies: Adrian & Jennie Barrett, Annabel & Steve Brown, Joe Caunt, Pam Clements, Bruce Dunton, Rowena Fairbairn, Suzy Peart, Julie Rayworth


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the last Village Open Meeting of 2013 and thanked them for turning out on such an inhospitable evening.

The meeting had one aim: to decide the allocation of Awards from the profits made from the Village Fete and other associated events held during the year.

In accordance with previous practice, the Executive Committee had called the Open Meeting to involve the village community in the decision making process, so that as wide a range of opinions and views as possible could be taken into account in order to arrive at transparent and consensual decisions for the allocation of Awards. However, should that prove not to be possible, the
Chairman drew the attention of the Meeting to Sect 5.1 of the Fete Constitution, whereby the allocation of Awards was the responsibility of the Executive Committee – whose decision was final.

Following this years most successful Fete, and other money generating events, there was sufficient moneys available to meet all Applications, either fully or in part. It was therefore not unreasonable to expect that consensual agreement could be amicably reached on the allocation of Awards from the moneys available.

The Chairman also took the opportunity to thank:

Clare & Barnaby Faull – for the use of their field for the Sandy Ince evening and the Quiz Night;

Lara & Charlie Morgan – for hosting the Easter Treasure Hunt;

Peter & Marjorie Brant – for the use of their electricity free gratis;

Roy Wilde – for his most informative history walks through the Village;

Lucy Benson – for sourcing such an impressive selection of raffle prizes,
resulting in a record Raffle profit.


There were no outstanding Actions from previous Meetings.


Four Applications had been received that fulfil the criteria as defined in the
Fete Constitution, namely:

Fete Games Equipment;

Barford Bugle Community Newsletter;

Purchase of Trestle & Occasional Tables

St. Martin’s Parish Church – Repairs to Leaded Glass Windows.

A Summary of each of these Applications was attached.

In accordance with Sect 5.1 of the Fete Constitution, any villager may oppose any application, and if an objection was made, then it must be heard prior to the consideration of any Awards being made.

There were no objections lodged against any of the Applications.


A summary of each of the cases was attached, with the costed estimates provided replicated below:

Fete Games Equipment Up to £250

Barford Bugle Newsletter Up to £150 per annum

Trestle & Occasional Tables Up to £450

St. Martin’s Parish Church – Repairs to Leaded Glass Windows

Windows 1 & 2 North Side of Nave £1,598 excluding VAT (2009 figures);

Window 3 North Side of Nave £1,529 excluding VAT (2009 figures);

Window in South Transept £767 excluding VAT (2009 figures).

Work carried out on all windows at the same time £3,743 excluding VAT

The Village Fund had a maximum of £3,818 available from which to grand Awards, before its working capital was unacceptably eroded.

Last year, the funding of the ISO Storage Container was passed by the very smallest of margins, and at the at the expense of the Church’s Application; the Chairman stated that this would be recognised in the granting of 2013′s awards.

The Executive Committee therefore proposed that all 4 Applications be considered in parallel, and funding be allocated as follows:

Fete Games Equipment £250

Barford Bugle Newsletter £150

Trestle & Occasional Tables £450

St. Martin’s Parish Church – Repairs to Leaded Glass Windows £2,968.

This figure, together with the £400 awarded in 2012, was 90% of the cost of undertaking the work on all windows at the same time, thereby attracting a discount, and would therefore place the Parochial Church Council in a strong position to obtain matched funding for the remainder.

Proposed: Nick Cooper, Seconded: Bill Fairbairn

For: 14. Against: 0. Abstentions: 0.  Motion carried unanimously.


The Chairman took the opportunity to advise the forum of forthcoming events to
put in their diaries:

9th November Bonfire Night;

12th November St Martin’s Feast;

6th December Christmas Lights Switch On;

22nd December Village Christmas Lunch;

22nd December Village Carol Service;

1st January 2014 New Years Day “Dog Walk” to The Ship.

Full details of these events will be posted on the Village Facebook and sent out on e-mail.


The Start-up Meeting for our 2014 Village Fete would be scheduled at a date to be decided early in the New Year.

Vic March,  Executive Committee Chairman. 07 November 2013


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