Village Field

 Village Field : Duck Lane : Barford

Barford St. Martin Parish Council rents the field from Wilton Estate for the sum of £300 p.a.  Councillors are keen to encourage appropriate use of the field, both as an amenity for residents, but also as a focal point for events that might add to the social life and cohesion of the village.

Would you like to stage an event on the field ?

Maybe a fete, a public celebration or a barbecue?  If you would, it is now possible to do so WITHOUT the need for you to arrange special independent public liability insurance. Your event will be covered by parish council insurance provided that you organise it as an official parish council event.

When is this necessary and how do you do it ?

Informal pedestrian access to the field does not require special permission. This includes ordinary recreational activities such as games, picnics, dog walking etc.

Anything that involves vehicular access, barbecues, alcohol, equipment or furniture (other than camping chairs) music or sound, or is advertised as an ‘event’ DOES require the special permission of the parish council.

If you would like to organise an event, please contact Bruce Dunton via email at and he will be happy to advise you.  Additionally you will need to download, fill in and submit the following forms:-

1.  Barford Parish Council Application to use village field

2.  Parish Council Special Events Risk Assessment

3.  Special Events Form

Please DO NOT be put off by the paperwork involved, we are keen for your application to succeed and we will give you help and guidance, if you need it.

Supplementary Information

Sale of alcohol at events:

Click this link for licensing advice

Charity Commission:

If the annual income that you raise, as a charity, is more than £5,000, you must apply to register with the Charity Commission, unless it is a specific type of charity that doesn’t have to register. If you are donating proceeds to a charity you would simply need to contact them for advice. If you are fundraising for yourself or others, then normal arrangements with the HMRC apply.