West Street Cemetery



  1. The following regulations shall apply to the cemetery in West Street at the west end of the village.
  2. The surface of the burial grounds shall be of grass and it is the Parish Council’s responsibility to keep them mown and tidy.
  3. All new graves shall be finished such that they are level after 1 year. All surplus soil shall be removed from the burial ground by the gravedigger.
  4. All new graves will be numbered.
  5. Records of burials shall be maintained by the Parish Clerk in the Burials Book.
  6. Fees for burials are set out separately and are reviewed from time to time. The existence of fees for a type of burial shall not be taken to mean that such burials are permitted if they contravene the regulations herein.
  7. Designs for monuments and the general layout for graves shall be submitted to the Clerk to the Parish Council for approval. Submissions shall set out the materials, style of lettering and inscriptions including any reference to the designer or maker of the monument. The Parish Clerk will approve only designs that are simple and in keeping with a small Church of England cemetery. Guidance is included in 8 below. Temporary memorials shall be permitted the design of which shall be subject to the approval of the Parish Clerk.
  8. No headstone or cross shall exceed four feet in height. Stone slabs shall lie flat over graves so that a mower can go over them. Memorials shall be only of natural stone quarried in England and crosses shall be only of English oak. No new graves shall be enclosed by kerbstones or covered by chippings.
  9. Burials of ashes may be commemorated by a stone measuring 12″ square for a single memorial and 15″ by12″ for a double. The stone shall be set in the grass so that a mower can pass over it. Its material, style of lettering and inscription shall be subject to approval by the Parish Clerk who will also determine its location in the cemetery.
  10. Nothing except grass, bulbs and annual flowering plants may be planted on graves and only at the base of the headstone or cross.
  11. Fresh flowers, flowers in pots or wreaths may be placed on graves but the Parish Council reserves the right to arrange for their removal after a reasonable period.
  12. Appropriate and seasonal artificial flowers shall be permitted on graves or stones commemorating the burial of ashes.
  13. No alteration or addition may be made to a memorial without the written consent of the Clerk to the Council.
  14. These regulations were approved by the Parish Council on 14th March 2014.


Clerk to the Parish Council