Coronavirus response

A few villagers, together with John Holloway, Chair of the Parish Council, have been discussing how we can work together as a community to ensure that we look after the elderly and vulnerable within our village. We would like to gather a group of volunteers whose contact details can be shared with the village via a leaflet drop in case those self-isolating need help with shopping, dog walking, posting mail, medication, or even just a chat on the phone. We would like to have a list of maybe 20 people who could sub divide into teams of 4 to cover the village, without too much pressure on any one individual’s shoulders. If you would like to be a part of this help please contact John Holloway 07825 370711 or Jane Kennedy 07841 030641 We would be grateful for your name, phone number, email and address so we can make sure all parts of the village are covered and that we can put you into the best team for you. We are hoping to start the planning tonight, so it would be great if we could hear back from you today. Additionally, now is a great time to swap phone numbers or email addresses with your neighbours so you can stay in touch should the need come to self-isolate. There is no need to panic, we just want to make sure we are prepared and can help those who might need extra support. Please remember that washing your hands regularly with soap for 20 seconds is one of the best ways to stay healthy.